Introduction: Getting the Military on your Ministry Radar

Chapter 1– Understanding the Military Culture of Today

  • Who’s in uniform?
  • What’s life in the military like?
  • How about their spirituality?
  • What’s it like to ride the deployment roller-coaster?
  • The Stages of Deployment
  • What strategies can families use to survive deployment?
  • Does it get any easier when Johnny comes marching home?
  • How can families cope with the turmoil of reunion?
  • How can the military cope with today’s high-stress environment?

Chapter 2– Appreciating Unique Needs of the Military Lifestyle

  • Dispelling the Myth of “Sameness”
  • The Hierarchy of Needs
  • What are the unique needs of the military?
  • Separation & Loneliness
  • Feelings of Isolation
  • Sense of helplessness
  • Fear
  • Handling Financial frustrations
  • Child care
  • Health care

Chapter 3– Ministering on the Front Line . . . and the Home Front

  • What can the military member and family do to cope with separation?
  • What can the church do to minister to the military family?

Chapter 4 — Identifying Helpful Military Resources

  • Resources to help understand the Military
  • Resources to help find help for Military Families
  • Resources to help Guard and Reserve Family Members learn about their benefits
  • Resources to help military families deal with stress
  • Resources to help service members transition back into everyday lives
  • Resources to help military families with practical relationship issues
  • Resources to help military families with financial management
  • Resources to help with finding answers and solutions to health problems
  • Resources to help in emergency situations

Chapter 5 — Partnering in Ministry in times of Grief

  • Casualty Notifications
  • Serious Injury Notifications
  • Types of military services in casualty situations
  • The role of the local pastor
  • What the military service member is entitled to
  • How to get information from the Home to the Field


Chapter 6 — Discipling “Foxhole Converts”

  • The Challenges
  • Potential Issues at Home
  • Follow-up for New Believers

Chapter 7 — Responding to the Challenges of Military Ministry

  • Seek to understand the dynamics of Christians serving in the military
  • Realize short-term ministries with the military are worth the effort!
  • Using a holistic approach to ministry
  • Build bridges…not barriers!
  • Share resources with other leaders
  • Partner with chaplains in joint ministry to returning service members
  • Do a pre-deployment spiritual self-assessment with deploying service members
  • Offer Bible study materials to deploying service members
  • Encourage deploying service members to pray regularly
  • Encourage deploying service members and families to read the Bile together
  • Consistently employ our ultimate resource—Prayer!

With Heartfelt Thanks To . . .


  • Appendix 1– 180 Day Bible Reading Challenge
  • Appendix 2– In Him We Move
  • Appendix 3– Coming Home: A Guide for Service Members
  • Appendix 4– Coming Home: A Guide for Spouses of Service Members
  • Appendix 5– Coming Home: A Guide for Parents, Extended Family Members or Friends of Service Members
  • Appendix 6– National Guard Family Program Offices in each state
  • Appendix 7– Guide to Reserve family Member Benefits
  • Appendix 8– Disciple Making Mini-Kit (PDF)

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