Ch. 4

Chapter 4:

Identifying Helpful Military Resources

Resources to help understand the military


  • Department of Defense website


  • Department of Defense Dictionary of Military Terms


  • Military Careers


  • Military Missions Network

(A very helpful glossary of military terms)


  • Military Periodicals (Index to Military Periodicals)


  • Army Family Team Building


  • Army Community Service


Resources to help find help for military families

  • Family Assistance Centers– 1-800-542-4028

(to talk to a person locally about help with finance, TRICARE health insurance, legal, ID cards, etc. for all branches of military)

  • Virginia Family Program Office — 1-434-298-6129/6336

(to talk to a person in Virginia about the process of deployment)

  • Virginia Army National Guard members


  • Information about military family life


  • Air Force OneSource

Real Help . . . Anytime, Anywhere . . . 24/7/365

From US 1-800-707-5784

International toll free 1-800-707-5784

International collect 1-484-530-5913


  • Army OneSource

From the US 1-800-464-8107

International toll free 1-800-464-8107

International collect 1-484-530-5889

In-person counseling visits are only available in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.


  • Navy OneSource

From the US 1-800-540-4123

International toll free 1-800-540-4123

International collect 1-484-530-5914


  • Marine Corps Community Services One Source

From the US 1-800-869-0278

International (where available) 1-800-869-0278


  • Help for everyone in the military!

See Appendix # 6 for a listing of the National Guard Family Program Offices in every state. These offices are designed to assist family members of all branches of service with information and/or referrals.


  • National Guard Family Program Offices in Every State–


  • Help for veterans and their families

Readjustment counseling

Veteran Center Directory – listed by state / branch of military

Resources to help Guard and Reserve family members learn about their benefits


  • Guide to Reserve Family Member Benefits (See Appendix #7. This booklet is also included in PDF version on the CD)-ROM

Consult this comprehensive guide for information and assistance with identification cards, medical benefits, dental benefits, legal assistance, military pay and allowances, commissary, exchange, recreation, child care, emergency financial assistance, American Red Cross, civilian job rights and protections, etc.


  • Air Force Reserve


  • Air National Guard


  • Army Community Services Virtual Website


  • Army National Guard


  • Army Reserve


  • Coast Guard Reserve


  • DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Registration System) Information


  • Marine Corps Reserve


  • Military Assistance Program MAPsite

(Helpful information on family services, finances, and more)


  • Naval Reserve


  • Veterans Affairs (VA)

(Information on Veteran’s benefits, programs, facilities and more)


Resources to help military families deal with Stress


  • Armed Forces Vacation Club


  • Air Force Crossroads


  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America


  • Camp Gives Kids a World of Good


  • Department of Defense Family Center Directory


  • Military Teens on the Move


  • National Guard Bureau Mobilization Links page


  • U. S. Army Community and Family Support Center

Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR)

(Helpful links to soldier and family issues, recreation, and more)


  • USO

(703) 696-2628


Resources to help service members transition back into everyday lives

(Tips for Homecoming)


Resources to help military families with practical relationship issues





Married to the Military: A Survival Guide for Military Wives, Girlfriends, and Women in Uniform by Meredith Leyva ISBN: 0743255542


Hope for the Home Front: God’s Timeless Encouragement for Today’s Military Wife by Marshele Carter Waddell One Hope Ministry; P.O. Box 68188; Virginia Beach, Virginia 23471-8188


Defending the Military Marriage by Jim Fishback, available from Military Ministry; 6060 Jefferson Avenue; Newport News, Virginia 23605

Beneath the Surface: Steering Clear of the Dangers That Could Leave You Shipwrecked by Robert Reccord, ISBN: 0805425683



  • Alliance for Children and Families


  • Dads At A Distance


  • Moms Over Miles


  • LIFELines (A comprehensive, integrated, multi-media Quality of Life Services delivery network hosted by the Navy)


  • National Military Family Association


  • National Network for Youth


  • National Guard Family


  • National Guard Youth


  • Scriptographic booklets by Channing L. Bete Co.

South Deerfield, MA 01373


Practical, easy-to-read booklets such as . . .

About Parenting

About Building Relationships

About Being Married in the Military

About Good Money Management for Military Personnel

About Your Military Chaplain

Meeting the Challenges of Deployment

About Reunion . . . and many more!


  • Military Family Resource Center

703 / 696-9053

    • Communities in Blue for the 21st Century

Available from: Brooks Air Force Base, TX, 1-210-536-2032.


Resources to help military families with financial management


  • Effective Strategies to Assist Spouses of Junior Enlisted Members with Employment Click on “full text collection” and access publication by entering ADA 367367


  • Army Emergency Relief

(703) 428-0000


  • Air Force Aid Society

(703) 767-0450


  • Air Force Crossroads


  • Army National Guard


  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Indianapolis


  • Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve


  • Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

(703) 696-4904


  • Coast Guard Mutual Assistance



  • National Youth Employment Coalition


Resources to help with finding answers and solutions to health problems


  • The Health Information Library


Press 2 to get to the audio library – PIN Number 208

More than 350 messages to choose from . . .

e.g. aging, allergies, cancer, cardiovascular health, children’s health, diabetes, ENT, HIV, parenting, respiratory problems, STD, teenage concerns


  • Hooah4Health:


  • National Assembly of Health and Human Services Organizations


  • TRICARE (health insurance)



  • TRICARE for Activated Guard and Reserve Members



Resources to help in emergency situations


  • American Red Cross (communicating with deployed service member)

In Virginia, dial 1-877-873-3651


  • TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors)

Grief support and services for survivors of military line-of-duty deaths


  • Suicide Prevention/Intervention
      • Along with the increased stresses experienced by military personnel and their families by deployments and war, there is also, unfortunately, an increase in the number of suicides and suicide attempts by service members and their families.
      • Depression and lethargy related to separation, anxiety and loneliness, can often move beyond a normal stress response to levels that need intervention and treatment.
        • The most essential thing that pastors and churches can do is to stay in regular contact with family members and, insofar as possible, with the deployed service members.
        • Be aware of changes in moods or activities over time.
          • Those things which once brought joy that no longer do so
          • The early-riser who now sleeps in several times a week, etc.
      • One of the most prevalent models for suicide prevention and intervention is the ASSIST model. Training in ASSIST is available from LivingWorks, and more information about the model and their training schedule can be obtained at:




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